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Trump Now President - Celebrations are in Order
President Trump
Finally after 8 years of fighting battles in this War of Ideology" we are rid of Obama, The enemy of our country who somehow ascended the Presidency and set about destroying our wonderful country.

Even before he was inaugurated he created thousands of jobs by assuring Big Corporations that he was a Friend to American Business and Free market enterprise. This of course will cause a positive ripple across the country and even the world.

- Randal M. Bundy - 20 January 2017 

Leftists and Islam Two Sides of the Same Coin

Years ago I evaluated the leftists
as Petty Tyrants and wanna be dictators and who I met while at University.  I unfortunately had some of them in my various classes. They fancied themselves as Maoists and dutifully carried their little Red Book - Quotations of Chairman Mao around with them everywhere they went.

The persistent question that I always had for them was, "If Communism was so wonderful why was it necessary for the Communists to Kill the non-believers wholesale by the Millions". I also challenged them to show me just one shinning example of a Country that was Communist Success story, just one".  Of course they didn't even try to continue at that point because their argument for Communism was already shot down.

My conclusion back then was that Communism by any of it's various names and the economic system of Socialism were acceptable only by those who were either "Naive and Gullible or by those who desired even just a little bit of dictatorial power over the masses, the petty dictators like we find working as bureaucrats in government. I also tried to show them enlighten them with "Logic" and Mankind's "Natural Gravitation toward the Free-market Enterprise System that they so Ruthlessly hate and despise.

That being that if a person were to set up a little store, hot dog stand, or whatever they have to sell somewhere and somehow become very successful and rich as a result, then they deserve to reap the benefits of their hard work. Further I tried to enlighten then to the fact that along with that natural desire of success in the free market system. other will be inspired by their success.

All the government generally has to do is stay the Fuck out of the way by easing up on restrictions that are intentionally created to hinder economic growth and creating a slave society of "Dependents" with no ambition or desire for upward mobility and no creativity. The Communists Goal is to create a Four Level Structure of Society: (1) The Ruling Class" - those Upper Elite members of the Ruling Party; (2) - "The Academia Class" who will be actually brainwashing the masses and will dominate in Universities, High-schools and even grade schools and Kindergarten - from the cradle to the Grave" (3) - The third Class will be the standard Blue Collar Type Worker and the very lowest class will be the "Dependent Classes" - that will of course be the uneducated and unskilled or the lazy whose only true value to the "State" will be to perhaps for the time being, be able to show up at the polls and cast their vote for the Ruling Class. However eventually this class will secretly eliminated once the Communist System they hope to create gains complete and total power over the entire masses, as the did in Russia after the Revolution there and in China that still exists to the day. I have over the years acquired a great deal of knowledge of the Leftists and especially during my University days.

In various Publications at different times, the Leftist Upper Elite Classes have even Printed what their true goal has always been. Like a blueprint straight out of the history books of China and the Soviet Union, they state in no uncertain terms their intend to Slaughter about 30% of the American Population. According to present Population statistics their are about 360 Million people. The numbers come out to be about 108 Million of our neighbors who would be slaughtered and disposed of in mass Graves. Surprised? You should not be because the Leftists who reside here in our country studied, learned and Identify with the same people who slaughtered about 100 Million in Russia and about the same in China when they, the Communists took over by force in their countries.

Now the Communists for as long as they have existed used various terms to describe their economic and social system they wish to impose upon a society. Sometimes they refer to themselves as " "Progressives, Liberals, Socialists, and sometimes even further to confuse the masses they will use specific terms of various forms of communism and refer to themselves as Leninists, Stalinists, Maoists and other but at the very core of it all is the Brutal, Totalitarian Dictatorship imposed and maintained by the Iron Fist. They will kill any opposition regardless of the degree of threat to their system and strangle hold. A Free and Liberated society is their true enemy and a Free-Thinking Populous simply can not be tolerated by them.

Most of us who are enlightened and knowledgeable of History will also see that Islam too is so frighteningly similar to Communism in the way it imposes and maintains it's strangle hold over any society it is able to conquer. Like Communism by any name Islam simply cannot tolerate any Freedom of Thought, thus Freedom of Religion can not "coexist" with Islam in complete power over a populous.

There are of course Three Major Evils that do do exist upon the earth. They are Communism, Islam and let's NOT forget those who strive for imposing what they call, A New World Order". The United Nation and most countries in Europe have subscribe to the ideology of the New World Order. In all cases, One uses the other as a coalition of sorts to gain ultimate power over the masses, Islam, Communism and the NWO all working together in the old traditional doctrine Arab Doctrine of, "The Enemy of my Enemy is my Friend". Remember Trotsky and Lennon, they were allies at one time. Remember Stalin and his purges of his loyalist Petty dictators and supporters? They were all friends and allies. The same holds true with the leftists and their illogical alliances with Islam and other disgruntled political, racial and ethnic groups.

I still enjoy writing on this and other subjects even if no one listens to me.  I am content to be a person shouting from some distant mountain top trying to warn a village below.  With regards to the defeated Obama and the other leftists whose ambitions are top destroy our Great Republic created by our Brilliant Founding Fathers, the leftists are NOT going anywhere.  They will simply lick their wounds, develop new strategies and continue with their leftist Indoctrination of our youth.  They will continue to agitate and rile up the masses against us.  We can not expect to relax or take any sort  of break from this "War of Ideology".   We must never give our enemies a chance to regroup and fight another day.  I must  recommend to our political leadership and our Patriots to read and comprehend, "The Prince by Machiavelli".  We will never be able to relax and get on with our old lives since the true enemies of Freedom and Liberty and are committed to our destruction.  The previous generation of our fathers and mothers chose to ignore the threat these people and their spreading ideology really were and look at the results of there inaction. 

- Randal M. Bundy - 14 January 2017 


This is my first article and comments of 2017 due to typical winter illness and when not under the weather I enjoyed spending more time during the holidays with my wonderful daughter and my two lovely and much entertaining Granddaughters.   My daughter's career as a Model and actress do seem to be taking off now and of course I am very proud of her.  Because of my political stance and Hollywood's left wing bias toward those of us on the right, I will not be able to reveal who she is by name, but most likely you know who she is without knowing that she is my daughter. However close family and friends will already know who she is.  Congratulations to her and her much anticipated success.  

Congratulations first to Donald Trump for his win of the election for The President of the United States.  Congratulations of course also to those Patriot Americans who voted for him and continue to fight this Patriot Civil war by continuing to support him.  I am very proud to acknowledge that I supported Donald Trump from the very beginning.  No matter how much the left attempts to smear him, no matter how much the The NWO, The Democrats and the Global Elitists attempt to sabotage his Presidency, they are waisting their time and George Soro and other's Money. We who have had to live through 8 years of Obama's Tyrannical Dictatorship, will not be fooled or convinced by his political hacks who he appointed to the Leadership of Government Agencies, The CIA, FBI, NSA, IRS and of course the Leftists Propaganda Mainstream Media.  The credibility of all of those who even after Trump won still worked overtime if feeble afford to pull off a coup.  Yes I am unfortunately referring especially to the CIA, NSA, and the FBI and other member agencies of the Intelligence Community who were converted to fine Agencies working to protect the country and the American people into Politically Motivated Hacks.  Worse of all the were spending Taxpayers money to further the leftist -Islamists-Anti-American Obama Machine.  I say this because when it came down to it, Hillary Clinton would have been just a 3rd term of the Obama Administration.  I also believe that Hillary would have installed Obama as Supreme Court Justice had the Democrats somehow gained a majority in The Senate and the House.  Surely there would have been no one to stop them and then we would have never gotten rid of Obama and never had the opportunity to restore the American Republic to what it originally intended by our founding fathers.

I hope that Trump will never forget that the CIA, NSA and the FBI were working with Obama to discredit Trump with fake derogatory reports leaked.  I acknowledge that the rank and file employees of the formerly fine agencies could do nothing to stop their Politically Appointed Leaders fromthe corruption of these agencies.  The Political corruption included of course the Justice Department, the Internal Revenue Service and many more, not to forget about the Environmental Protective Agency, The Bureau of Land Management and probably every single agency of the Government.  I suspect also that the Obama administration was also behind corruption of the Supreme Court.  What could possibly explain    the unconstitutional ruling on so many important cases, starting with Obamacasre unless we consider Black Mail had a hand in it.  

I personally believe that President Donald Trump will have a lot f house cleaning to do in regards to the United States Government, also referred to by him as, "Draining the Swamp".  Let's also NOT forget those who work closet to him, Yes The Secret Service.  Can President Trump actually Trust anyone in any of the US Government Agencies, even those whose job it is to protect him?  If I were President Trump, I would make damn sure that no one from the CIA or NSA is never allowed within arms reach of me.  Let someone trusted receive the morning Intelligence Briefings and the advise the President.   Additionally if the President ever does visit the CIA headquarters, make damn sure he does NOT accept coffee and crousans   from anyone there.  Sorry for any offense to my former friends at the CIA and NSA but "The Company or The Firm" and "The Puzzle Palace" have become contaminated by the enemy of our country.  

Donald Trump should also watch out for "White Coats or Spooks in White".  That means CIA Doctors/Physicians.  Be careful also of anyone who could be already in "The Pickle Factory" aka "The Farm" aka "Camp Swampy", because those still in training were hired during the Obama administration and we also know that the only ones hired by during that time we most likely are leftist hacks.  Hell the new President will have to just create an entirely new Counter Intelligence Agency to monitor the activities of the entire Intelligence Community that has been active for his entire 8 years and especially those who were hired during his Presidency.  Better yet all who were employed during those 8 years need to be fired.and those who were left overs from the former Administrations need to reevaluated.

I find it particularly amusing that members of the Intelligence Community want the American people to believe them when they say that the Russians hacked the American elections.  This of course coming from people who job it is to be professional liars as well as information collection.  After all do we all not remember that it was through false information schemes used by the CIA to destabilize foreign governments.  Do we also not remember that it was the Intelligence Community itself that had lobbied  Congress to legally permit them to have tap the News Media for their disinformation programs.  They even admitted that they have their paid contacts or boys in every single mainstream media not only in our own country but in most foreign news media as well.  How on earth count any of them actually be believed.  This is especially true since the Government in general and especially under Obama has been caught in so many lies.

Donald Trump does have a difficult job ahead of him, when he said he was going to "Drain the Swamp".  I am confident that he will remember that the majority of American people voted for him the "Drain the Swamp" as well and build the wall, deport the Illegal Aliens and halt the migration of Muslims bringing with them the lethal virus of Islam.
- Randal M. Bundy - 14 January 2017

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