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Trump ignores Gore’s advice, instead picks skeptic to head EPA & dismantle climate agenda
Al Gore Scott Pruitt
Al Gore - left and Scott Pruitt - right
Good for Trump ignoring the blow heart snake oil salesman scam artist Al Gore and his Environmental Scams.  Gore has long ago been discredited and his profit motivated environmental scans have been revealed.   Donald Trump choses the skeptical Scott Pruitt to head the Environmental Protective Agency of which has even before the Obama administration have been way out of control and whose makeup have been the left wing radical fringe whose true motives were to distroy the Free Market Capitalists system by using fabricated environmental crusade to shut down as much of the American Business sector as possible.  After Obama came to power 8 years ago and seized control of every single American Governmental agency, the EPA became one more iron clad fisted Nazi Gestapo wing of Obama's deep seated hatred for everything American, especially Americas success.  Additionally an obvious racist motive too since the EPA and it's fanatics were also used to target predominately white owned farmers, ranchers, business and industrialists.

Interesting isn't it how these leftist-democrats like Al Gore, after bashing Donald Trump for all this time and sucking up to Obama and Hillary, now seem to think that they can just stroll into Trump Toward, uninvited and unwelcome and think they should be shown the Royal treatment, as though their opionions mean any thing at all.  

Trump is making a good choice since the person who is in charge of the EPA should be sceptical since the entire envirnmental crusade has already been shown to be fraudulent and a smoke screen for an alterior motive.  The overbloated EPA should be cut down perhaps 1/10 of what it is today and all of those leftist-liberals lawyers, specializing in "Envirnmental Law" who are employeed by it and enjoy equally overbloated paychecks should be fired emediately.  
- Randal M. Bundy - 08 December 2016

Leonardo DiCaprio sneaks into Trump Tower for meeting with Donald and Ivanka about how green jobs can boost the economy
Another "Has-Been" hollywood child star, Leonardo DiCaprio whose talent has always been lacking, so he turned envirnmental activist decides he is going to sneak into Trump Tower and secure an interview with Donald Trump?  Presumably he seems to think that his "expertise" on the issue of the Envirnmental Crusade should, like Al Gore be considered?  Of course the entire world should just ignore the fact that DiCaprio, like Gore jet set around the world in their private jets to attend paid for conferences and speaking engagements about the evils of the rest of us who leave a carbin foot print by driving our cars to work, insteading of riding a bycicle.  These two, DiCaprio and Gore lead the way in hypocracy.  The value of the two put togeather amounts to just enough to keep us all wondering if anyone else on the planet could actually be foolish enough to take either serious.
- Randal M. Bundy - 08 December 2016

Harry Read and questions of why democrats loose the election

Oh Harry Read, your goodbye does not come soon enough.  My greatest disapointment is that, like Bill Clinton, Al Gore, Obama and Hillary Clinton, that you will not ever just shut up and go away.  
- Randal M. Bundy - 08 December 2016

Mexican Senators Beat Trump Piñata, Chant Gay Slur

All of you Mexican Officials, just keep this shit up until you piss off Trump and maybe, just maybe if we in the United States are lucky enough, Trump will just shut the border down completely and end all trade with Mexico.  What does Mexico have to offer the United States that we need anyway?  Our trade with them has always been more of a charity or a welfare check than an equaly trading partnership.  We in the United States do not care one bit what Mexico or the Mexican people like, or dislike or what they want or do not want.  End all trade with Mexico and end all imigration of anyone from Mexico too.  See who will be celebrating then.  So go ahead and smack your little Piñatas and Chant Gay Slurs, we do not care, as long as you keep your "Little Monkey Assess" on your own side of the border.
- Randal M. Bundy - 08 December 2016

Exclusive: Obama's Biggest Secrets Released

Anti-Trumper's Storm the Basille?
by Randal M. Bundy - November 19, 2016
Well we now have approximately 60 days left for all those Celebrities who claimed they are going to flee into self imposed exile - to Canada, New Zealand or Jupiter, maybe mars or where ever... The Trump inauguration will be on January 20 according to reports and anti-Trump protest has been widely reported to be planned with the number of protesters expected to possibly number in the tens of thousands. However that is what is being predicted by the Leftist-Liberal Mainstream media...yes the same ones who gave Hillary a 90% chance of winning, ha,ha,ha. Some Protests Group calling itself, "Million-Women-March" (very unique and original - NOT) is scheduled for the following day as is "A general strike" is planned nationwide against Trump's Presidency. However remember what most of the USA is like in January? It's in the dead of winter and no matter how much money George Soros is willing to pay all those little unemployed Radical Collage Bastards those Precious Little Primadonna's are NOT going out in the winter to "Storm the Bastille". ha,ha,ha

A Victory with the Election of Donald Trump
by Randal M. Bundy - November 08, 2016

Congratulations to my fellow American Patriots, you have taken back your country from the leftist vermin who were and still are are determined to destroy it.  Donald Trump has won the Presidency and because at the core of Donald Trump is the same type of person that every patriot is across this wonderful country of ours.  The comparison between 2016 and 1776 is astounding, right down to the length of time it took before enough patriots united into one cause, one movement, one direction and one candidate who was able to unite them into a force that was unstoppable.  It takes a lot to completely rial up enough patriots to realize that there simply was no more time to ponder and hope for the best.  Action was needed, if not a violent and bloody revolution against the ruling global elitists, then the next best thing, a victory at the polls with enough people voting for Trump that the Democrats and Globalists were incapable of steeling the election and handing it to Hillary Clinton.  Of course the tried every trick they could and Geoprge Soros money and stradegy was in play.  However iun the end The Patriot Resistance was victorious.  

Now do not ever forget that as long as their is one breath of life left in the leftist vermin they remain determined to regroup, resupplu and come back another day to take over again and continue their quest to destroy our country.Furthermore remember that even though the weak quisling establishment republicans now will be willing to work togeather with Trump, do not forget that they were more than willing to see Hillary become President and some even supported her and declared they would vote for her.  
So the Patriots must never let down their guard, never sleep and never presume the enemy has been truely defeated.  This war we fight is a war of ideology and for most they will never give up their Leftist Anti-American Ideology any more that will will be willing to give up our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

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