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November 2017

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The Gov Just Released This UFO Video

Glowing Auras and ‘Black Money’: The Pentagon’s Mysterious U.F.O. Program

The Pentagon’s Secret Search for UFOs - Funded at the request of Harry Reid, the program probed a number of encounters military pilots had with aircraft they believed didn’t operate like anything they had seen before.

Heilung at Midgardsblot 2017
Heilung | LIFA - Fylgija Ear / Futhorck LIVE
Istvan Sky - Estas Tonne - Reka Fodor - Ecstasy from heart
Bizarre shape of interstellar asteroid
interstellar asteroid
Interstellar asteroid is given a name
interstellar asteroid
From Alabama to Idaho to Michigan to Russia to Denmark

Ancient Aliens S01E03

Poland: Nationalism Rising | Tommy Robinson and Stefan Molyneux

OMG!!! "Answer the question!" Muslims explode when professor tells them the truth

Who Lives At The Bottom Of The Bermuda Triangle?


Based Europe Part 2: Viktor Orban, Hungary

NASA admits chemtrails - 10 July 2013

Scientists CONFIRM What We Already Knew Here's Why it's OKAY To Be White

Apocalypse Orchestra - The Garden Of Earthly Delights Trobar de Morte - Summoning The Gods
Heilung | LIFA - Krigsgaldr LIVE Anilah - Medicine Chant
Eric von Daniken Lecture
Archaeological Discoveries That Are Way Too Controversial for Todays Scientists

Strange Light and Noise over Phoenix last night?

Ancient Aliens 2016 Season08 Episode01 - S08E01 - Aliens B.C, NASA's Secret Weapon

The Most Beautiful Pagan Viking song by Eivör - "Trodlabundin"

Shadow of gigantic bird with a full wingspread flies over the Grand Prix track.
Shadow of Giant Gird over the Grand Prix

Spacecraft’ hurtling over California wildfires from weather feed

O.J. Simpson says, "'She has fun taunting me from the afterlife

NASA Just Discovered a Huge, Twisted Magnetic Tail Hidden Behind Mars
Mars Magma Trail

Nazca aliens: ‘Mummified extraterrestrials NOT fake’, Scientist claims

Nazca Aliens in Peru

Extraterrestrials could look Human